Ziro Olive Oil (1000ml)


In the easternmost region of Crete, the island where Olive growing started before 3500 BC, in Lasithi prefecture is where the fertile Sitia region is located, which is almost surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its rocky soil the primary agricultural production there was based majorly on the olive, a tree that can root even on the roughest places, even where the ground structure does not favor the growth of other plants and trees.

In the heart of the Sitia region, at the settlement Ziros is where the groves of Proestakis family can be found. There the mild climate with the endless sunshine, fresh air and refreshing winds, favors for the ideal cultivation of this nature’s gift and more specifically of the olive variety Koroneiki, or Psilolia that is its name in the local dialect. These groves offer us the premium extra virgin Olive Oil “ZIRO SITIA”, which is produced by the Proestakis family for many generations, with love, daily care and respect for the olive tree and the environment.

“ZIRO SITIA” is an Olive Oil of the highest quality and nutritional value, rich in aromas, with fruity and bitter taste, while all its organoleptic features are guaranteed from its traditional production’s method. A product natural and pure that is always ready for you to enjoy…..

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