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Rich in herbally active ingredients, our skin brightening cream promotes skin radiance and evens out skin tone.

It can be used for both the face and hands. If your ideal is bright, radiant beauty, then the renewing power of Siberian larch will astonish you. This innovative formula acts before, during and after melanin synthesis to reveal a more luminous complexion. This clever mechanism of action effectively helps to decrease skin pigmentation that is responsible for uneven skin tone and age spot formation. The tamarind extract, rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), causes a desquamation which promotes cell renewal, while licorice extract’s flavonoid content boosts our formula’s brightening effect. Results can only be achieved through deep moisturization hence the presence of antioxidant rich organic olive oil and vitamin E to nourish and scavenge free radicals which work to leave your skin hydrated and delicately translucent.

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How to use:

This cream is advised to be used at the end of your skin care ritual in the evening.
Gently massage with circular movements all over the face.
Focus on the areas with uneven skin tone.

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